This page provides samples of the documents that are most frequently required for construction of new railway sidings and current operation of railroads.

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1.    Application for construction of a railway siding track.

Is made for the purposes of preliminary valuation of cost of railway siding construction.

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2.    Requirements specification for cost estimating (the document is submitted in Russian).     

Is used for estimation of cost of the scope of works commissioned by the customer to the contractor.

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3.    Deficiency act (the document is submitted in Russian).

Is compiled to determine types and scope of works on the facility.

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4.    Certificate of equipment acceptance by the working committee after individual testing (the document is submitted in Russian).

Is applicable upon acceptance of the equipment after individual testing.

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5.    Completed facility acceptance report, Form No. -11 (the document is submitted in Russian).

Is applicable upon completed facility acceptance.

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6.    Inaccessible works certificate, Form No. 140 (the document is submitted in Russian).       

Is compiled in the course of inaccessible works (cable, foundation laying, etc.)

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7.    Completed works acceptance certificate, Form No. -2 (the document is submitted in Russian).                

Is applicable for acceptance of completed contractual construction and installation works for industrial, residential, civil and other purposes. The certificate is drawn on the basis of data contained in the Register of completed works (Form No. -6) in the required number of copies.

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8.    Certificate on the cost of completed works and expenses incurred, Form No. -3 (the document is submitted in Russian).  

Is applicable for settlement of payments for completed works with the customer. The certificate is drawn in the required number of copies. One copy for the contractor, the other one for the customer (developer, general contractor). The certificate is submitted to the financing bank and investor upon request only.

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