This section is basically oriented towards the reader, who is willing to take a more detailed survey of the technical aspect of railroading. In particular, you can find the data concerning the variety of materials for track superstructure. Besides, the reader is offered the most frequently applicable standard and technical documentation related to railways construction (this material is provided in the Russian language only).

Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) Materials 


               Rails                                                               Sleepers

Railway rails                                                    Used concrete sleepers

Used rails


Standard and Technical Documentation  

1.     Federal Law No. 17-FZ “On railway transportation in the Russian Federation” as of 10.01.2003.         Download  >>>


2.     SNiP (Construction Rules and Regulations) 32-01-95 “Gage railway 1520 mm”. Download  >>>


3.     SNiP (Construction Rules and Regulations) 12-01-2004 “Construction arrangements”. Download  >>>


4.     SNiP (Construction Rules and Regulations) 12-03-2001 “Construction safety”, Part.1. Download >>>


5.     SNiP (Construction Rules and Regulations) 2.05.07-91 “Industrial transport”. Download  >>>


6.     “Railroad operating rules in Russia” No. ÖŠĮ-756 as of 26.05.2000. Download  >>>


7.     Railroad signaling regulations  in the Russian FederationNo. ÖĮŠ-757 as of 26.05.2000.         Download  >>>


8.     Railways running-maintenance regulationsNo.  ÖĻ-774 as of  01.07.2000. Download  >>>


9.     Maintenance specifications for railway-crossings of the Ministry of Railways of RussiaNo. ÖĻ-483 as of  21.07.97. Download  >>>


10.  Standard lineman instruction on labor safetyNo. ŅĪČ Š-32-ÖĻ-730-2000 as of 30.12.99.           Download  >>>


11.  Instructions on railroad safety control in the course of trackworksNo. ÖĻ-485 as of 28.07.97.      Download  >>>


12.  “Federal uniform construction works price list” No. ŌÅŠ-2001, Collection No. 28 “Railways”.      Download  >>>