ZAO ôCeramic Granite Plant of the Italian CONCORDE Concernö, Stupino

Construction of a railway siding of 1730 linear meters and laying of 4 power switches, construction of a railway crossing across the highway, interlocking of power switches and railway crossing, reassembly of an overhead system, construction of a loose materials unloading platform (elevated track), blading fill materials up to 4 and more meters, laying of drainage gutters within the fill, installation of hauling gears. Protection of the existing communications and networks (sewerage system, water supply system, communication cables, gas pipeline) in the course of construction works.

The complete range of works beginning with obtaining of technical specifications up to putting the track into operation including functioning in the capacity of a general contractor and general designer. 


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Roadbed heaping for the purposes of railway track laying
Installation of a pipe-culvert within the fill of a railway track
Installation of an elevated platform foundation inside the loose materials storehouse
Power switches at Stupino Station equipped with an automated snow removing system
Railway crossing with rubber-concrete flooring across Starositnenskoye Schosse in Stupino
Automated blocking system (interlocking) of a railway crossing
Connecting track with blading fill materials of 4 and more meters, extreme radius curve of concrete sleepers (300 meters)
Power switches and track layout on the premises of the plant
Access crossing across two tracks on the premises of the plant
Buffer stop and power switch on the premises of the plant
Elevated track on the premises of loose materials storehouse