In railways construction our company functions as a general contractor of railways. The above implies that we bear responsibility for progress and results of railway siding construction and ensure completion of all its various stages comprising this compound process, including the following:

 Design research and calculations 

 Cooperation with subcontractors market

 Financial management

 Materials supply


 Quality control

 Human recourses and daily activities

 Cooperation with governmental institutions

 Handling of documentation

 Safety and security

The above aspects include the following activities:

 Examination of initial site conditions and execution of necessary researches  

 Approval, planning, designing and making engineering solutions

 Optimization of design, technical, technological, quality and cost characteristics

 Subcontractors market research  

 Examination and application of advanced construction materials and methods

 Arrangement of contractual bids, selection of best subcontractors, execution and signing contracts

 Construction budget management to the extent of the approved cost calculation

 Purchase, site delivery and storage of necessary materials


Thus, our company exercises a comprehensive approach towards construction of railways and guarantees its clients minimal market cost of the entire project works.  Moreover, we undertake financial responsibility for construction project and guarantee commitments before the client as provided by the law. Successful introduction of track into operation shall be a part of our functions and a quality factor of works completed.