Construction of railway tracks and giving our clients the opportunity to make use of railway transportation is the main objective of Stroycomplect-2. Comprehensive approach, availability of all necessary recourses and their consistent disposal enable our company to make the most advantageous use of railway sidings by our clients: construction expenses do not exceed those planned, period of railway track construction are exact, and putting of track into operation is guaranteed.

Railways construction embraces various aspects, which makes application of comprehensive approach very important. The most essential thing is coordination of all the activities and accurate calculations as well as ability of the subcontracting company to integrate all operations into a single process. This is the approach Stroycomplect-2 is guided by.

Our company provides the entire range of services in construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of railways and rail-base infrastructure. The services are carried out on a high level and in the shortest possible time by our highly qualified permanent personnel.

Main services provided by Stroycomplect-2 include the following:

 Consulting preliminary examination (at the stage of site finding) oriented at determination of technical possibility of railway tracks connection and valuation of approximate construction cost, construction feasibility research.

 Obtaining and approval of technical specifications for designing works from OAO Russian Railways (Closed Joint-Stock Company) and Federal Railway Transport Agency, owners of utility communications, local and federal authorities.

 Functioning in the capacity of general contractor and general designer in the field of railways construction.

 Designing of railroads, engineering constructions, engineering networks, projects approval. This process also includes engineering surveying, drafting of railways development, preliminary construction cost estimation and issue of track certificate and instructions.

 Construction of a railway track and putting it into operation. Offset and protection of communications, roadbed heaping, laying of railway track superstructure, power switches and fixed crossings of all types. Interlocking of power switches and railway tracks, installation of overhead system.

 Railway-base construction construction of elevated tracks, platforms and structures.

 Construction of engineering structures. Construction of drainage structures (gutters, pipelines), etc.  

 Flooring of railway crossings. Construction and repair of railway crossings.

 All types of repair of railway tracks and engineering constructions. Reconstruction of railway sidings and industrial railways.

 Maintaining of railway tracks.  

 Technical investigation and surveying of railway tracks condition, issue of opinion letters.